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Mountains Meet Lake


resources for deeper relaxation

2 movements for more efficient stress reduction
helping you remember your original potential within
Getting up from a chair seems like such a simple thing to do, yet we use a chair countless times each day and do so in a way that reinforces the essential problem that they create - that is a disconnection from the earth below our feet.   When using a chair differently, we can help our bodies re-discover a calming relationship with the earth below.   Jaw tension from stress is likewise a common consequence of this lack of grounding to the earth below, and is a very difficult habit to break by oneself without a wholistic integrated method as demonstrated below.
+ professionally recorded nature soundscapes
When you need to be reminding that your body is a part of nature, not the hum drum of daily life that surrounds you - deeper relaxation then naturally follows.  
Getting up from a chair
Jaw release

If your living circumstances don't allow for genuine solitude and rest, these recordings may assist in creating an environment for deeper relaxation.  Also use these at work with headphones, for 5 minutes of rejuvenation.

Listen with quality speakers or headphones for soft ambient relaxation

Winter creek 1

Winter creek 2

6-note Wind chimes

Distant waterfall

3D Midnight frogs

(headphones only)

photo of binaural microphone

Binaural 3D sound recording for headphones

Recorded from around Margaret River, Western Australia

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