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prepare your body for the day ahead

7 movements upon waking
for injury prevention throughout your day
This full series of movements takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.    The Dawn series can then become a part of your long-term morning routine - before taking your morning walk in nature.  It has been designed to help protect your body throughout the day, by increasing inner awareness and the whole-body integration of movement.

Please note: this DAWN Series is a 
therapeutic movement program, that is best approached gradually if you are over 70 years of age.  Before using the neck and shoulder rotation movements, it is recommended that you first spend several weeks practicing the lower body and chest movements, and then begin the remaining movements with only 10-20% of the demonstrated range of movement (using your eyes instead to point at your final target).  After a lifetime of accumulated upper body stress, tension and likely arthritic change within the neck; it is important to first activate the lower body, so that this upper body tension has somewhere to release into.  Over time, your body can begin returning towards its originally intended state.  Without taking things slow, you may run the risk of overdoing things.
Sincere thanks to the late Dr. Stephen Porter for the majority of this Dawn series.  For the 30 years that I knew him, he insisted that all of his patients perform these movements every day - and for very good reason!  Patients were more stable, less prone to injury, and more responsive to treatment.
Lower back
Upper neck
Lower neck
Shoulders rotations
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