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* For Margaret River, book under "Biodynamic Osteopathy"

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Getting the most from your Osteopathic treatments

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NEW PATIENTS please arrive 10 minutes early for paperwork.

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​If your appointment is for your BABY, please be sure to bring either your partner, grandma or a helper along with you.  Through treating mum, one very often achieves more significant change for baby - and this works best when mum is able to deeply relax.

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To CANCEL an appointment, please select the link in your original confirmation email. Please note that at least 24 hours notice is required - a cancellation fee of $80 will apply if your appointment time cannot be filled.

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EPTPOS payment facilities are available. You will be given a receipt to claim with your health fund. This clinic does NOT offer Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plans.

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Biodynamic Osteopathy

The purpose of Biodynamic Osteopathy is to find Health within every patient: the perfect potential that we each bring into life. Health itself is always present within us, it just gets covered over and forgotten under layers of stress, strain and trauma accumulated throughout a lifetime. Dr. James Jealous (Osteopathic physician, obstetrician, and founder of Biodynamic Osteopathy) described treatment of his own patients in this way: "I find the Health within my patients, and then wait for them to feel it also".  

Biodynamic treatment includes (amongst other things) the process of "becoming neutral". Being neutral involves a practitioner and patient becoming still, quiet and surrendering their own will to the will of the Health. The Health itself is a mystery that includes the physical body, the natural and super-natural world - all integrated as one. When a practitioner and patient synchronise with the Health, therapeutic forces awaken within; and these provide the resources required for therapeutic change to occur, with no external force being required.

Since Biodynamic Osteopathy is guided by the Health within, treatment outcomes tend to have a direction and timing of their own. If you are seeking symptomatic relief as quickly as possible, then a practitioner-directed treatment approach may be better suited to you. 

Biodynamic treatment is suited to preconception care, pregnancy, babies and family inter-generational health. Wholistic healthcare for adults. Complex trauma history. Seeking relief from painful symptoms - whether they be of a physical, emotional or spiritual origin. Preventative healthcare - preparing your body for the challenges of life. Head, jaw, neck, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic, arms and legs symptoms. Mood, stress, breathing, circulation, digestive and reproductive health etc.


"It is the objective of the doctor to find health, anyone can find disease"

​~ Dr. Andrew Still (Surgeon and founder of Osteopathy)

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​Hi, my name is David and I've been in Osteopathic practice since 1998. When expressing nature's Health and self-healing capacity, the human body combines mechanical stability with dynamic ever-changing motion. To be stable and fluid at the same time, requires significant amount of inner organisation. Each human being comes into life with a blueprint, or embryo of perfect potential - and our physical body uses this resource throughout life as a dynamic point of reference for growth, development, co-ordination and self-healing. For many people, this memory of Health gets covered over or forgotten – with ongoing stress, body rigidity and pain being the result.  This indwelling Health is at the heart of Biodynamic Osteopathy – a mystery and therapeutic resource that brings us closer to our originally intended self.

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By fixing your seat, you can help fix your body

Movement Program

 When all individual parts are in alignment, and functioning as a cohesive & integrated whole; the body is able to supply life sustaining support and nutrition to each and every part. This program (along with the Posture Friend ergonomic cushion) are designed to disrupt the unnatural effects of sitting for long periods, integrate whole-body structure & function and improve nature's own self-healing capacity.   

Healing Tree Osteopathy

Healing Tree Osteopathy

Osteopathic Medicine originated almost 150 years ago in the United States.  American Osteopathic Physicians are registered medical doctors and receive university training with internship, and the option of specialist training within Osteopathic hospitals.  Osteopath's utilise their understanding of body structure and function, and the application of manual therapy to improve the expression of health and self-healing capacity of the human body.  Australian Osteopaths have 5 years of university training, and work in private practice - and unlike their American cousins, do not prescribe drug therapy or perform surgery.  The Australian Osteopathic profession remains committed to Osteopathy's original foundations of manual medicine; of treating the human body as an integrated whole, and seeking people's greatest potential through preventative healthcare.

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